Most Favorite Alaska King Salmon Fishing Lures

Published: 14th October 2009
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What makes Alaska king salmon fishing attract many anglers? Catching a 40-lb or much bigger king salmon is a really adventure that you can find in Alaska. Nine from 10-world record of salmon are taken in the Kenai river in Alaska. And the largest salmon was 97.4 pounds recorded which for sure attract many professional sport anglers to come to Alaska.

King salmon is the biggest salmon of their kind, which make fishing for king very challenging. Heavy fishing equipment is required due to big size of king salmon. A fishing poll that you use, should rate at least 25 lbs, more heavily are better. The same weight should be rate to a reel and line as well.

Big fish like salmon require big target to attract their attention, so use large flashy tackle. However, choosing the right lure, most effective technique and which angles use is depend on water conditions and locations. When fishing near the mouth of river or fishing on a river, use weight to keep your bait or lure near the bottom. The heavier weight will need if the current are stronger.

Herring attractors or herring as bait is use for trolling in deeper ocean water. Slow your trolling speed to simulate of herring behavior. Keep in mind that a higher tide calls for a slightly higher trolling speed and a slightly longer trolling line. In this environment, fish finders can work effective.

Large spoon and heavier weight is use for shore fishing. To attract salmon attention, varying your reeling speed, so the spoon appears to bounce back and forth off the bottom.

T-spoons, Kwikfish, tadpolys, wiggle warts and bait egg clusters been proven effective for trolling near shallow bar in open water or fishing near the mouth of river. Different water conditions and days will call for different types of lure. You have to try different lures until you find one that works.

Alaska king salmon fishing require good preparation. With the right knowledge of king salmon behavior, water conditions, equipment, and attention to location, I'm sure you will catch plenty of salmon.

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